Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sexy Sleeveles Blouse Pics of Indian Girls

sleeveless blouse
blouse can be as shown in the photo OR as unstitched blouse piece OR any other sleeve, neck style & pattern b) most of the embroidered sarees can be created in other color or fabrics also, as per your choice c) all sarees can be stitched as readymade OR automatic style.

Types: backless blouse, Bikini Style Blouse, Blouse neck style, Blouse sleeve style, Boat neck blouse, Bustier blouse, designer blouse, embroidery blouses, frill blouse sleeves, halter blouse, heavy embroidered blouse, mega sleeve blouse, noodle strap blouse, sexy blouse style, Single shoulder blouse, Stringed Back Blouse.

why indian saree is very sexy with sleevless blouse on indian women exposing navel that it quickly turns on?

Oh!I cannot think that.I agree with this. Whenever I saw a lady exposing navel in saree it turns me on very much. For several days i cannot forget it. A lady can expose skin only through saree. However they tried it exposes atleast some portion. So it is sexy.
Saree is supposed to be worn with navel left uncovered. I don't what that has to do with sexiness. It is much more comfortable for the woman wearing the saree if it is worn below navel.

But yes sleeveless or backless blouse can look very sexy if it matches the saree.

After all, saree is the most attractive dress for women.

Cause its very traditional. Now a days girls wear western clothes very often, so aguy is used to it and a saree only for special occassion like wedding for eg. Thats why when she wears a saree it gives her a complete diffrent look that makes any guy to turn on.

Thats the beauty of saree, any one who wears it , becomes the cynosure of all eyes.
Tust me, even if you wear it and walk on the road you may find many lusting for you.

Crystal Encrusted Silver and Gold Sequinned Handwork Embellished onto Black Sheer Silk-Chiffon Saree and Crepe-Silk Blouse (made in style of your choice) - Matching Petticoat Included. Delicate Resham Embroidery and Patchworked Appliques Handworked onto Sheer Silk-Georgette Saree - Matching Petticoat and Custom Stitched fully lined Blouse Included (available in Red/ Rani-Pink/ Black/ Cream/ Sky-Blue). Gold/Silver Stone and Sequin Encrusted Handwork Embellished onto Sheer Silk-Georgette Saree and Custom Stitched Pure Crepe-Silk Blouse - Matching Petticoat Included (available in 2 styles and colors Shocking-Pink. Intricate Silk-Resham & Crystal Stone Embroidered Borders on Black Sheer Silk-Georgette Saree with Handworked 18" Pallu - Matching Petticoat and Custom Stitched Silk-Georgette Blouse (fully lined) with Embroidered Sleeves. Delicate Handmade Crocheted Rosettes in Shades of Blue Appliqued onto Royal-Blue Pure Silk-Georgette Saree and onto One Shoulder of Sleeveless Blouse (fully lined) - Matching Petticoat Included . Woven Slate-Grey Saree with Silver Knitted Bikini Blouse - Matching Petticoat Included (blouse style can be changed). Mirror Centred Orange Resham Embroidered Flowers on Blue Crepe-Silk Blouse and all over Red Pure Silk-Georgette Saree with Silver & Orange Mirrored Resham Embroidered Borders - Matching Petticoat Included. Intricate Mixed Handwork Borders on Teal-Blue Pure Silk Saree with Golden Tissue Sculpted Blouse - Matching Petticoat Included. Gorgeous Golden Zardosi Embroidery super imposed onto Golden Zari Borders of Red-Gold Shaded Saree with Zari Dots all over - Matching Petticoat and Zardosi Bordered Red OR Golden Blouse (made in style of your choice).

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